Whimsy From Water’s Edge

A collection of yachting and regatta articles: great gear for sailors, silliness and humor, dazzling boats, divine times on wonderful wooden classic boats, clothing for cruisers, boat maintenance tips and more.

Renegade Sailing Whimsy from Water’s Edge

Renegade Sailing magazine covers international waterside lifestyles, with an emphasis on yachting. Read about objects and ideas that merit maritime lust, or at least moments of fascination. Best gear for sailors, cool cruising products and best regattas to try are profiled.We find outrageous and dazzling super yachts and megayachts—real, imagined and some long since gone to the depths—that you may not know about.

Stories about radio controlled sailboats gliding on the lake, ocean going classic wooden boats.We spy on the lives of handsome sailors. We hunt and locate the best sailing and marine toys for your next Mediterranean cruise. Renegade Sailing searches for hot and hip items to wear on the yacht and on the dock. Stories from aside and over the water—from the mildly ludicrous to the insanely over-the-top.


Photography services at sailing events, corporate and private client assignments


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Editorial, feature, blog posts covering the whimsy of sailing and life aside the water

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