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Ethics Standards, Corrections and Use of RenegadeSailing.com Content

June 2021
Managing Editor Martha Blanchfield

Code of Publishing Ethics

This code of ethics is written to provide guidance to readers, vendors and contributors of RenegadeSailing.com. Ethical standards for publication exist to ensure high-quality writing, photography, videography and visual content founded on truthful reporting. Further, those individuals receive credit for their content. Some content appearing on RenegadeSailing.com is light-hearted and intended to elicit a smile when covering topics that are very ‘sailor-centric.’ It is our intent to be humorous, but not cause agitation.


·  Editorial policies are developed and monitored by Martha Blanchfield, the Managing Editor.


Managing Editor Role

·  Managing Editor has full responsibility for editorial decisions.

·  Editor shall ensure that all contributed articles (also cited as ‘manuscripts’ in some instances below) are subject to review before acceptance. In most cases two reviews should be sought. If an article is substantially changed after an initial review, or if new material is added, this must undergo further review with the contributor and Managing Editor.

·  The Managing Editor has sole responsibility for acceptance or rejection of a manuscript.

·  The Managing Editor shall not disclose information about submitted manuscripts, except to the contributor.

·  The Managing Editor shall not handle manuscripts for which there is a real or perceived conflict of interest. Examples may include past or current employer or employee, or personal or family relationship.

·  If the Managing Editor is presented with convincing evidence that the main substance or conclusions of a submitted content item are erroneous or do not have permission to use, she shall facilitate publication of a report (e.g., correction, follow-up or other appropriate means) pointing out the error and, if possible, correcting it.

Contributors / Editorial Review Process

·  Contributed content (written, photographic, motion) should contain original ideas or interpretations, and should not have been previously published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere, unless stated. Articles and images based on content previously made public may be considered.

·   If submitted visual content (photo or video) has been significantly altered, notation of the alteration(s) should be noted.

·  Authors should inform the editor of related content under consideration elsewhere, and provide copies if requested.

·  Information obtained privately (for example, in conversation, correspondence, or discussion with third parties) should not be used or reported in a manuscript without explicit permission from the party with whom the information originated. Information obtained in the course of confidential services should be treated similarly.

· Manuscripts will contain proper citation of works by others, especially publications of the original hypotheses, ideas, and/or data upon which the manuscript is based.

· Fabrication of data, results, selective reporting of data, theft of intellectual property of others, and plagiarism are unacceptable.

Authorship / Photographer Image Use and Attribution

·  Images and video shown on the RenegadeSailing.com website are original content created by the Managing Editor, Martha Blanchfield, unless otherwise cited.

·  Authorship should be limited to those who have made significant contributions to the concept, design and/or execution reported in a manuscript; others who have contributed should be acknowledged.

·  Authors and co-authors should review and ensure the accuracy and validity of submitted content prior to submission; co-authors should have the opportunity to review the manuscript before submission.

·  Photographers must agree to provide express written permission to show a likeness (person(s)) or private property in an image which appears on RenegadeSailing.com.

·  Authors / photographers should reveal to the editor any potential conflict of interest (for example, a consulting or financial interest in a company) that might be affected by a piece of content’s publication by RenegadeSailing.com. The authors / photographers should ensure that no contractual relations or proprietary considerations exist that would affect the publication of information or image in a submitted content item.

·  Authors / photographers are bound by the copyright policy of the publisher, as specified at the time of original manuscript / image file(s) submission.


Appeals and Complaints: Authors

·  Authors who wish to appeal a rejection or make a complaint should contact the Managing Editor of RenegadeSailing.com complaints procedure.

Statement on Image Manipulation

If an image has been manipulated in a manner such that it significantly alters reality of the actual observation, or is altered in a manner to elicit a reaction not originally intended (for example humor), RenegadeSailing.com will make every effort to clearly state this. Images that have had artistic retouch, filter looks, minor touch-ups may appear on RenegadeSailing.com


Protecting Intellectual Property

Publishers are legally required to have explicit authority from an author and/or photographer to publish submitted content item(s). RenegadeSailng.com shall use:

Open Access Agreement providing the article be made available under one of the Creative Commons Licenses in order to meet the terms of open access publication, and ensure the widest possible dissemination. The Creative Commons website explains how these licenses work. https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/



In general, we do not accept gifts from vendors / individuals whom we cover. Exceptions include items of minor value, or engaging in a traditional business practice such as accepting a business meal when it would be awkward to refuse.


Product Reviews and Free Items

RenegadeSailing.com shares product reviews, and welcomes the opportunity to receive review products and services that sailors, cruisers and those with an interest in the water sports, the ocean and ecology.

Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance by both vendor and RenegadeSailing.com, items of insignificant value received for review (those that would be impractical to return, such as food, intimate apparel, swimsuits, expiration date products) may be kept or shared with other staff members, or offered as a reader giveaway.

Items of significant value, such as electronic equipment, shall be returned. Vendors are requested to provide return packaging with pre-paid postage affixed.

Unclaimed review items worth more than $50 may be given away to readers or donated to charity. RenegadeSailing.com shall not sell or otherwise make a profit from review items.

Clothes, shoes, jewelry and other items borrowed for Lifestyle, Fashion or other photo shoots should be returned after use.

Request to Syndicate, Share or Republish RenegadeSailing Content

Parties interested in re-posting or syndicating content that appears on www.renegadesailng.com or RenegadeSailing social media accounts (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) may contact the Managing Editor, martha@renegadesailing.com


Complaints Procedure

Please direct correspondence to the Managing Editor, martha@renegadesailing.com

Code Of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Editors

RenegadeSailing.com subscribes to the CODE OF CONDUCT AND BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES FOR JOURNAL EDITORS:  http://publicationethics.org/files/Code%20of%20conduct%20for%20journal%20editors_0.pdf

Sample Letter to Seek Content Corrections



Dear Managing Editor

I am concerned with content piece TITLE, DATE as appearing on RenegadeSailing.com.

My issue is STATE ISSUE.

I am seeking that the Managing Editor of RenegadeSailing.com LIST DESIRED ACTION TO BE TAKEN.


I look forward to hearing from the Managing Editor of RenegadeSailing.com.